In your face

Through the documentary Toxic Beauty I found out that there are several potential negative health impacts on users of beauty products. I thought that I could use my knowledge as a designer to tell this story through objects instead of using words. My aim with this project was to make a make-believe cosmetic accessories brand that would design and sell protective yet glam beauty tools. The friction between products that are believable enough to be found on the market but ”extreme” enough to make the viewer question, is this the extent we have to go through to put on makeup safety, would it make you question why makeup is allowed to be so toxic?

”we don’t want to wait sixty years to find out that some chemical we use in hand lotion is causing breast cancer” - Julie Brody, Silent Sprin Institute

”since 2009, cosmetics manufacturers themselves have reported using 88 chemicals linked to cancer, birth de- fects, or reproductive harm in both men and women” - Scott Faber, EWG

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